Saturday, March 23, 2013

We're All a Little Mad Here

As I posted yesterday, I had created the plot and characters yesterday. Today, I completed the first chapter with I thought was happiness. Looking at it again, I am not entirely sure I am satisfied with it. It is headed in a nice direction so far, but I see myself changing it for about the third time.

Is this really what authors go through? I suppose "slipping into madness with ease" fits quite well, considering that I see myself going mad over my story a time or two in the future. Seeing as writing runs in my family, I suppose I could be fair in saying, "we're all a little mad here?" (Sorry Sis, couldn't resist!)

My great grandmother had written a book about her mother's life several, several years ago. I don't believe I was even a twinkle in my father's eyes at the time it was released. Her book wasn't a big hit, so barely anyone know who she is. I have one of the only copies left resting peacefully in a safe place. My sister however, published a book quite recently about her experience in crossing that line to understand prejudice. I have read the beginning of it, thanks to amazon. I haven't read the entire book yet, but I will at some point...soon I am hoping. If you are curious about my sister, here is one of her blogs:

When it comes to my own writing, I have always wanted to have a novel published with my name on that shiny cover and my imagination locked within those pages. I often times considered just writing the battles and joys I endured as a child/young woman, but could never figure out where to begin. It is a goal I have (writing an autobiography), but I am in no rush. I have only lived a few of my years, so until I am much older, I can hold off.


  1. Writing gets easier... you know what they say about practice making perfect? yeah, it is more than just a cliche.

    the best way you can hone your writing skills is to keep doing it. do it when you want to, and do it when you dont. keeping a blog or a journal really helps.

    nothing is written perfectly the first time. many people take multiple passes at things before they deem them "perfect," then editors make them make many more changes. what you get on the shelf is rarely what the writer developed by a 2nd or 3rd change... so don't be so hard on yourself. it will come.

    and if you can, make an investment and buy yourself a copy of "writing down the bones" by natalie goldberg. it will save your life.

  2. Thanks. I will look into that. I know that a book is not what the author finished on, and that is okay. I just want to be able to get past the first few pages and not tell myself that I am doing it all wrong. I wish I weren't so hard on myself in everything I

  3. that, too, takes practice and patience.