Saturday, April 6, 2013

Who ordered the fried brain?

If I am not writing, I am thinking about writing. I am thinking about what could happen next and where I could take this story. I spend so much time with my writing on my mind, I am starting to get worn out. I wish I could just turn my brain off for just a couple of days.

For anyone who truly knows me, knows that is easier said than done. I am what is referred to as a “worry wart.” I worry about things that I have no control over, and worry about if I made the right decision with the things I do have control over. I plan, plan, plan and then change the plan while I am following it! It is overwhelming to say the least.

I didn’t write yesterday because I was quite busy, but today I’m home with no real plans. I’ve been staring at the many words I already have written for what seems like an eternity, but has actually been just a few minutes.

I want to write, but where I have placed my characters is not where I want them. And it driving me insane. I am not sure how I want them to meet face to face. Every time I think I’ve got the perfect way, I find myself disappointed. I continue writing though. I will just a few spaces down and start something new with my characters. The idea is that I will eventually be able to piece each section with another to make my many ideas flow together.

I am beginning to understand why many authors are known drinkers.

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